Smart hydrogen

Green hydrogen from sustainable rawmaterials
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Our innovation

Our innovative solution is based on clean electrical energy and preferably bio-based gases. A unique opportunity that can increase sustainably produced of hydrogen where and when its needed, and at the same time decrease CO2 emission.

Together with modern fuel cells, hydrogen produced on-demand and on-site can support the electrical grid and reduce balancing problems. Another interesting application is the production of liquid fuels where green hydrogen and green CO2 can be used in a catalytic process to produce green methanol, gasoline, and aviation fuel.

A sustainable future

Hydrogen will be essential in the future, as a fuel, as an energy carrier, or as part of further refining to liquid fuels, but it must be produced from sustainable sources.


Traditional hydrogen production is based on Steam Reforming of natural gas, where it is combusted to create the necessary energy for the conversion of methane to hydrogen and CO2, thus creating a vast amount of CO2 emission. Our innovative solution is based on clean electrical energy and preferably bios-based gases. 

Our vision?

H2 Energy will contribute to the decarbonization required to restore the environment and climate and deliver innovative processes based on sustainable raw materials.

Hydrogen is the solution for the decarbonization and electrification of our society.


What do we do?

Our technology

Convert already available raw materials for hydrogen production; we have developed a unique electrical catalyst to convert syngas, methane, ammonia, and alcohols to hydrogen on-site and on-demand.

Our Application

Convert syngas from pyrolysis and gasification. Biogas, landfill gas and natural gas (both methanol and ethanol) can be used to produce hydrogen and green CO2.