H2 Energy AB was founded by a group of scientists from Royal Institute of Technology, KTH Stockholm, in cooperation with some experienced businessmen, all with vast experience in thermochemical and industrial processes. We want to develop and deliver components, engineering and complete processes for hydrogen production. 

Our mission

Is to provide a customized solution for hydrogen production, and help hard-abate-sectors to reach the net-carbon transition. 

OUR Vision

H2 Energy wants to contribute to a solution that can clear the environment and climate. We want to deliver technology and a process that can produce hydrogen from sustainable raw materials. 

The future

We believe that hydrogen will be the answer to a decarbonized and greener society.

making progress

Sustainability Now

e-Reformer is an innovation that can contribute to a fossil-free and sustainable energy system by presenting to heavy-carbon industries an alternative way to produce renewable energy cost competitively to fossil fuels. 


Electrical Heating


Carbon dioxide reduction

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Any questions? Don’t hesitate, please contact us for any technical, commercial or general enquires about e-Reformer or H2 Energy.