Methane to H2

Methane, CH4 is a component in bio-gas, digested from food residuals, wastewater sludge, manure, and landfill gas or natural gas. Methane can be cracked and converted into H2 and CO2 with our e-Reformer in a process much energy-efficient compared to conventional steam reforming (SMR).

H2 Energys contribution to a greener society


Our e-Reformer can produce  50kg H2 and 275kg CO2 from 100kg methane. Far more effective compared with electrolysis. Every kilo of hydrogen needs less than 6 kWh in electric energy compared with 55kWh power that electrolysis of water needs.


H2 Energy will contribute to those solutions required to clear the environment and climate and deliver technology and processes that can produce hydrogen from existing raw materials. Hydrogen will be the answer for a decarbonized and electrification of society.