From syngas to hydrogen

Syngas is produced during gasification or pyrolysis of biomass. In syngas, condensable tar is a component that our e-Reformer can crack, and together with syngas, it can be converted into H2 och CO2.

Every 1000kg syngas can be converted to 100kg H2 and 950kg green CO2.

Use of areas for H2 and green CO2.

H2  can be compressed and distributed or used in fuel cells for the production of electricity and heat or in industrial processes to produce green liquid fuels. Combustion of  H2 does not have an environmental impact as the residual product is water.

Green CO2 can be used in chemical industries, breweries or food production, or refineries to produce fossil-free gasoline and aviation fuel. Furthermore, it can be pumped into a borehole and create negative emissions.