New technology

Our processes are based on a unique structure in a resistive material coated with a catalytic material.

It is a very energy-effective unit with a minimal pressure drop and can be heated electrically. In addition, the catalytic coating can be optimized depending on what kind of gas is being converted to hydrogen.

The technology is efficient and allows us to valorize both H2 and CO2 after separation and can be delivered separately. 

H2 is primarily used for clean power production through fuel cells or as a building component in chemical processes. Green CO2 is a valuable commodity for the chemical industry, food industry, breweries, and serve as raw material to produce methanol, synthetic gasoline and aviation fuel.  


Reduced CO2 emission

Amount of energy needed/kgH2



Electrically generated

We provide a customized solution for hydrogen production.

Innovative technology that can provide additional value for your company.

The potent properties of our e-Reformer can reduce CO2 emission by 22% when producing hydrogen through Steam Methane Reforming of bio-methane. It can also reduce unnecessary operating costs by decreasing the temperature needed for the gasification and tar cracking processes.

H2 ENERGY’s e-Reformer yields a combination of economic and sustainable advantages.

The e-Reformer comes in a small size which simplifies the control and monitoring. It is powered by electricity therefore does not contribute to extra CO2 emission. Its unique renewable design allows uniform heating, which results in a shorter reactor process time and a longer catalyst lifetime. In addition, the material of the e-Reformer has high resource efficiency and is recyclable.

State of the art

The novel reformer has a novel structure that enables a larger contact surface area. It is heated by electricity and applied directly. The characteristics of the e-Reformer allow a lower pressure drop for a more extended life duration.