EIT RawMaterials to finance H2 Energy AB’s unique innovation, e-Reformer™

  • H2 Energy has been granted funding from EIT RawMaterials booster funding. With the financial support from EIT RawMaterial, H2 Energy AB is ready to launch the first demo installations of e-Reformer.

EIT RawMaterials has chosen to fund H2 Energy through Booster Call 2021 to level up the TRL progress of e-Reformer, an exceptional innovation that can reform green raw materials to green H2 and green CO2. It offers higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and decreased CO2 emission. The financial support of the project is to further develop e-Reformer in an industrial environment. The purpose of this project is to optimize all working parameters of the e-Reformer for future applications. 

About EIT RawMaterials

EIT RawMaterial provides a collaborative environment for disruptive and breakthrough innovations by connecting business with academia, research, and investments. The company is committed to supporting Europe’s transition towards a circular, green and digital economy while strengthening its global competitiveness and securing employment.”


About H2 Energy

A group of scientists from Royal Institute and Technology, KTH in Stockholm, with some experienced businessmen founded H2 Energy to develop and deliver components, engineering and complete process of hydrogen production. H2 Energy’s processes are exceptionally well suited for on-demand and on-site conversion, reducing costs and increasing climate benefits.


More information

Johan Guo, Project Leader
Phone: +46 73 924 88 06
Mail: johan.guo@h2energy.se