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An innovative solution that is based on clean electrical energy and preferably bio-based gases as feedstock. We present an unique opportunity that increases sustainably produced hydrogen while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


H2 Energy helps you to make your business greener, and aids your progress towards zero-emission hydrogen production by e-Reformer integration into your current reforming systems. 

e-Reformer is an extremely compact reactor based on 3D printed materials with electrical heating. On its surface, it has a catalytic coating that can boost energy and catalytic efficiency. This catalytic coating can be tailor-designed to fulfill your needs.

From our simulation results, e-Reformer has great potential in reducing 22% of carbon dioxide emission per steam reforming reaction runned.  


Carbon reduction




e-Reformer optimizes environmental impacts of the conventional method – electrification of steam methane reforming for hydrogen production. It can be tailor-desgined to help your company to maximize final hydrogen yield and minimize operational costs. 

Our innovatie approach combines additive manufacturing and process electrification which offers a unqiue solution for sustainable production of hydrogen on-site and on-demand.


H2 Energy provides a customized solution for hydrogen production. e-Reformer is an innovative technology that can help our customers to realize a net-zero carbon economy.


e-Reformer can convert biogas or pyro-gas derived from biomass, as well as landfill gas. Conventional green methane can also be applied.


Lower energy consumption. A minimum of 281kW energy can be saved per ton of biomass processed.

circular economy

Can be recoated when its catalyst loses its function. Easily recycled and reused, the materials selected for manufacture are all environmental friendly.


Advanced properties that ensure gas production with fewer undesirable gas components.

Electrical heating

Integration of 100% renewable electricity can significantly reduce the carbon emission of the hydrogen production process.

Carbon emission reduction

Heated 100% with electricity thus decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. 22% lesser carbon dioxide emission per process run.

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