High-Quality and High-Purity Fossilfree Hydrogen

e-Reformer presents a new approach to low-carbon hydrogen production. The current method that is used globally is steam methane reforming of fossil fuels, consequently resulting in massive greenhouse gas emissions. e-Reformer is an electrified update of the steam reforming process and offers a unique solution for sustainable production of low-carbon hydrogen on-site and on-demand.

Innovative technology

Electrified update of steam reforming reaction. Implementation of 3D technology contributes to a precise and controllable structure, which realizes a rapid direct resistive uniforming heating and is generated 100% with electricity.


Advanced properties of the e-Reformer result in high-quality gas production with less desirable gas components, an energy-efficient process with lesser carbon dioxide emission, and a compact system with higher process efficiency.


New design printed by 3D technology which creates a precise structure that enables a larger contact surface area. It is heated by electricity and applied directly. It allows a lower pressure drop for a more extended life duration.

Innovative technology

Groundbreaking technology, a compact electrified reactor

Direct resistive heating with a specially designed catalytic coating that boosts energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon footprint.

Unique solution for sustainable hydrogen production

e-Reformer offers a unique solution for low-carbon hydrogen production on-site and on-demand from multiple feedstocks, such as biogas, landfill gas, and biomethane.

Circular economy and high resource efficiency

e-Reformer can be recoated easily when the catalyst loses its catalytical function. Production by 3D printing technology makes it easy to recycle, thus ensuring less environmental impact caused by waste materials.


22% less carbon dioxide for each process run

e-Reformer uses electricity to heat the steam reforming process, thus eliminating all carbon dioxide emissions related to combustion. 22% of CO2 is saved for each unit of H2 production through steam reforming with e-Reformer. Direct uniform heating allows also higher yields of high-quality hydrogen.

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